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CatchphrasesCharacterTV Show
'XOXO (name of show)'
'Have mercy!'
'What you talkin' 'bout, Willis?'
'I pity the fool!'
'Gee, Mrs. Cleaver ...'
'How you doin'?'
'Here's Johnny!'
'Person voted out, must leave the tribal council area immediately'
'How rude!'
'Let's get ready to rumble!'
CatchphrasesCharacterTV Show
'That's what she said'
'Make it work!'
'Well, isn't that special?'
'Giggidi Giggidi, Giggidi Goo'
'Suit up!'
'Book'em Danno!'
'Cut It Out!'
'I know!'
'Hell to the no!'
'Sock it to me'
'Good grief'

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