Highest Grossing Films Starring a Real Life Couple

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Can you name the Highest Grossing Films Starring a Real Life Couple?

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2005/Brad Pitt$186,336,279
1998/Cameron Diaz$176,484,651
2002/Sarah Michelle Gellar$153,294,164
1997/Matt Damon$138,433,435
2000/Michael Douglas$124,115,725
1990/Warren Beatty$103,738,726
2001/Tom Cruise$100,618,344
2000/Jim Carrey$90,570,999
1990/Tom Cruise$82,670,733
1992/Tom Cruise$58,883,840
1990/Johnny Depp$56,362,352
2003/Ashton Kutcher$56,127,162
1999/Tom Cruise$55,691,208
1991/Warren Beatty$49,114,016
1986/Sylvester Stallone$49,042,224
1999/Reese Witherspoon$38,328,567
2000/Ben Affleck$36,805,288
2000/Meg Ryan$32,598,931
1987/Goldie Hawn$26,713,187
1987/Meg Ryan$25,893,810
1985/Tom Hanks$19,875,740
1991/Demi Moore$18,784,957
1994/Warren Beatty$18,272,894
2010/Drew Barrymore$17,804,299
1999/Nicolas Cage$16,797,191

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