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ClueAnswerExtra Clue
Alex's best friendHad a crush on Mallory.
Alex's artist girlfriendMichael J Fox married her in real life.
Show that was on after Family Ties for 3 seasonsEventually became #1 overall show in 1990-91.
Jennifer was suspended for doing a book report on what?It was a banned book.
Elyse's jobMaybe she knew Mike Brady?
The station Stephen worked at'_ _ _, you're the one!'
Alex made it on TV to play what game?He faced off against a Russian.
The high school Alex, Mallory, and Jennifer attendedNamed after a president.
Alex's favorite television showIt was about a place he always wanted to go.
Producer Gary David Goldberg's dogAlways seen after the end credits.
First person named in the opening creditsNever changed throughout the run.
ClueAnswerExtra Clue
Mallory's college majorShe was always good at it.
Elyse's brotherPlayed by Tom Hanks.
Alex's job as of May 2000Mentioned on Spin City.
Clumsy housekeeper Alex had a crush onPlayed by Geena Davis
The college Mallory attendedNamed after a president
Ivy League school Alex interviewed forMallory ruined the interview
Show that was on before Family Ties for 3 SeasonsThis show's spinoff eventually replaced Family Ties
Mallory's boyfriendHe was an artist.
The youngest siblingHe aged really fast!
Alex's psychologist girlfriendShe was later on Friends.

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