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ClueAnswerExtra Clue
The station Stephen worked at'_ _ _, you're the one!'
Alex's psychologist girlfriendShe was later on Friends.
Mallory's college majorShe was always good at it.
Show that was on after Family Ties for 3 seasonsEventually became #1 overall show in 1990-91.
The youngest siblingHe aged really fast!
Alex made it on TV to play what game?He faced off against a Russian.
Elyse's jobMaybe she knew Mike Brady?
Ivy League school Alex interviewed forMallory ruined the interview
The college Mallory attendedNamed after a president
Alex's best friendHad a crush on Mallory.
Alex's job as of May 2000Mentioned on Spin City.
ClueAnswerExtra Clue
Producer Gary David Goldberg's dogAlways seen after the end credits.
Clumsy housekeeper Alex had a crush onPlayed by Geena Davis
Mallory's boyfriendHe was an artist.
Jennifer was suspended for doing a book report on what?It was a banned book.
First person named in the opening creditsNever changed throughout the run.
Alex's favorite television showIt was about a place he always wanted to go.
Elyse's brotherPlayed by Tom Hanks.
Alex's artist girlfriendMichael J Fox married her in real life.
Show that was on before Family Ties for 3 SeasonsThis show's spinoff eventually replaced Family Ties
The high school Alex, Mallory, and Jennifer attendedNamed after a president.

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