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6/22/75$7,061,513/Richard Dreyfuss
8/7/77*$7,195,573/Harrison Ford
6/18/78$9,866,023/Roy Scheider
7/23/78*$10,166,336/Harrison Ford
12/24/78$10,272,294/Clint Eastwood
12/31/78* $10,363,384/Marlon Brando
12/9/79$11,926,421/Leonard Nimoy
6/21/81$14,100,523/Gene Hackman
6/6/82$14,347,221/William Shatner
5/29/83$23,019,618/Billy Dee Williams
5/27/84$25,337,110/Harrison Ford
5/24/87$26,348,555/Eddie Murphy
5/28/89$29,355,021/Sean Connery
6/18/89$29,472,894/Dan Aykroyd
6/25/89$40,489,746/Jack Nicholson
6/21/92$45,687,711/Michelle Pfeiffer
6/13/93$47,026,828/Jeff Goldblum
6/18/95$52,784,433/Jim Carrey
5/25/97$72,132,785/Julianne Moore
11/18/01$90,294,621/Alan Rickman
5/5/02$114,844,116/Kirsten Dunst
7/9/06$135,634,554/Orlando Bloom
5/6/07$151,116,516/James Franco
7/20/08$158,411,483/Gary Oldman
7/17/11$169,189,427/Ralph Fiennes
5/6/12$207,438,708/Samuel L. Jackson

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