Change Making Problem

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Can you name the Minimum number of coins (from the coin values shown) to make the targets?

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TotalMin Number of CoinsCoin Denominations
9p4p, 3p, 2p
22p16p, 12p, 6p
26p15p, 9p, 1p
49p14p, 9p, 7p
31p19p, 17p, 14p
48p9p, 4p, 1p
42p36p, 7p, 5p
100p1p, 5p, 1pound
53p25p, 9p, 2p
34p16p, 6p, 4p
TotalMin Number of CoinsCoin Denominations
73p25p, 19p, 3p
80p40p, 38p, 37p
95p35p, 29p, 10p
96p44p, 20p, 12p
125p57p, 16p, 11p
129p53p, 26p, 12p
54p24p, 15p, 1p
54p45p, 18p, 1p
54p44p, 23p, 6p
53p2pound, 60p, 1p

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