Test Cricket Triple Centurions - As of 03/01/2016

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ScoreNameMatch and Date
400*West Indies vs England 12/04/2004
380Australia vs Zimbabwe 10/10/2003
375West Indies vs England 18/04/1994
374Sri Lanka vs South Africa 29/07/2006
365*West Indies vs Pakistan 01/03/1958
364England vs Australia 23/08/1938
340Sri Lanka vs India 06/08/1997
337Pakistan vs West Indies 23/01/1958
336*England vs New Zealand 01/04/1933
334*Australia vs Pakistan 16/10/1998
334Australia vs England 12/07/1930
333England vs India 27/07/1990
333West Indies vs Sri Lanka 16/11/2010
329*Australia vs India 03/01/2012
ScoreNameMatch and Date
329Pakistan vs New Zealand 02/05/2002
325England vs West Indies 05/04/1930
319India vs South Africa 29/03/2008
319Sri Lanka vs Bangladesh 05/02/2014
317West Indies vs South Africa 02/05/2005
313Pakistan vs Sri Lanka 25/02/2009
311*South Africa vs England 19/07/2012
311Australia vs England 25/07/1964
310*England vs New Zealand 09/07/1965
309India vs Pakistan 29/03/2004
307Australia vs England 16/02/1966
304Australia vs England 23/07/1934
302West Indies vs England 10/03/1974
302New Zealand vs India 18/02/2014

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