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HintIn Romaji
Barragan's release
Binding spell #30
Destructive spell #63 version 1
Rose's release
First release of a shinigami
Ikkaku's second release
A penetrating lance
Gin's release
Yumichika's release
Binding spell #77
Tousen's release first form
Binding spell #9 version 2
Uncategorized Spell
Isane's release
A small cube that imprisons espada
Toushirou's second release
Hinamori's release
Renji's second release
Ukitake's release
Binding spell #9 version 1
Kibune's release
Second release of a shinigami
Rebirth using implanted embryo
Ishida's first bow
Binding spell #99 part 1
Rukia's release first attack
Big wave that cuts
Main weapon of shinigami
Ichigo's release attack
A sword that leeches off owner
Toushirou's second release third attack
Ishida's special bomb move
Rukia's release second attack
Big red beam that is unique to espada
Destructive spell #88
Cirucci's release
Renji's release one-shot attack
Fastest form of speed step of arrancar
Byakuya's second release fourth form
Inoue's healing power
Big Red Beam
Destructive spell #63 version 2
Uncategorized Spell
Hanataro's release second form
Inoue's power
Nel's release
Binding spell #37
Binding spell #81
Uncategorized Spell #12
Burial of souls
Matsumoto's release
Kenryuu's release attack
Harribel's release
Byakuya's second release second form
Stark's release
Spirit threads
Binding spell #39
Zommari's release
Ishida's special arrows
A device that changes shinigami into hollows
Less powerful quick fire red beams
Slippery liquid
Spirit particles
Soifon's release
Mass Soul sucking
Hand to hand combat
HintIn Romaji
Amagai's second release
Rukia's release
Flying bugs used to steal people's souls
Hachigen's spell #2
Inoue's offensive power
Destructive spell #31
Destructive spells
Kariya's release
Binding spells
Binding spell #61
Grimmjow's release
Amagai's release
Tousen's release second form
Shunsui's release
Binding spell #62
What does Aizen's release do?
Hachigen's spell #1
Shunsui's release third game
Energy claws
Ishida's second bow
Binding spell #99 part 2
Dordoni's release
soldiers grown on trees
Soifon's second release
A combination of hand fighting and magic
Binding spell #58
Kensei's release
Komamura's second release
Shunsui's release second game
Chad's right arm
Enhanced cloth material
Spiritual power
Chad's right arm attack
Renji's second release laser beam
Ichinose's release
Uncategorized Spell
Ichigo's second release
Chad's left arm
An artificial body
Byakuya's release
Yammi's release
Destructive spell #54
Luppi's release
Hachigen's spell #6
Magic spells
When shinigami turn to hollows
Destructive spell #58
Kenryuu's release
Destructive spell #11
Chad's left arm attack
Szayel Aporro's release
Lisa's release
Toushirou's release
Gantenbainne's release
An energy lance
Unohana's release
Tough skin of arrancar
Tousen's second release
Destructive spell #33
Urahara's release
Those hot twins from Movie 2
Binding spell #8
An artificial soul
Super speed step of arrancar
Shunsui's release fourth game
Yumichika's release real form
Uncategorized Spell
HintIn Romaji
Exploding tips of Rose's release
Demon Magic Cannon
Hachigen's spell #5
Hanataro's release first form
Aaroniero's release
Ulquiorra's big black beam
Chojirou's release
Binding spell #73
Forbidden spell #1
My Name
Kurotsuchi's release
Portal between Hueco Mundo and elsewhere
An Espada's second release
An Espadas release
Binding spell #75
When one counters a spell with equal force
Rudobone's release
Nnoitora's release
Toushirou's second release first attack
Yamamoto's release
Rukia's release third attack
Ikkaku's release
Byakuya's second release third form
Byakuya's second release first form
Toushirou's second release second attack
Barragan's weapon
Adding an extra red beam
Fast speed step that leaves afterimage
Kensei's second release
Binding spell #4
Binding spell #63
Spiritual pressure
Kurotsuchi's second release
Omaeda's release
Energy sword in loin cloth
Ulquiorra's release
Toushirou's second release fourth attack
Destructive spell #1
Forbidden spell #2
Hiyori's release
A syncronised big red beam
Patros' release
Aizen's release
Hachigen's spell #3
Binding spell #26
Binding spell #1
Enryuu's release
Destructive spell #4
Kira's release
Destructive spell #90
Ishida's million arrows attack
Fast Speed step of shinigami
Death Breath
Shunsui's release first game
Renji's release
Hachigen's spell #4
Quincy's fast speed step
Controlling everything which one sees
Hisagi's release
Komamura's release
Love's release
Ichigo's release
Inoue's defensive power
Shiba's release
Binding spell #21
Modified Souls

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