Military Intervention during the Cold War 1950-1989

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Intervenor(s)Target of InterventionIssue(s)
China - 1950-51Territorial acquisition
Soviet Union - 1956Government composition and protecting sphere
UK, France and Israel - 1956-57Commerce/ navigation, property rights
United States - 1958Maintaining government, preventing encroachment by opposing sphere
Belgium - 1960-64Civil war, secession, alliance with spheres
Egypt and Saudi Arabia - 1962-67Government composition
France - 1964Government composition
United States, North Vietnam and Thailand - 1964-74Controlling border, role in larger war, government composition
United States - 1965Restoring order, government composition
Soviet Union, Poland, Hungary, Bulgaria and East Germany - 1968Government composition, protecting sphere
France - 1968-71Government composition
Portugal - 1970Government composition, release of portuguese prisoners
United States, South Vietnam, North Vietnam - 1970-75Controlling borders, role in larger war, government composition
India - 1971Securing borders, stopping refugee flows, humanitarianism
Iraq - 1973Territory
Turkey - 1974Government composition, territory, protecting ethnic confreres
Zaire, South Africa and Cuba - 1975-76Government composition
Intervenor(s)Target of InterventionIssue(s)
Syria - 1976-78Restoring order, government composition, protection of religious confreres
OAU force of Moroccans and Zaireans - 1977Defeating rebels invading from Angola
Vietnam - 197-78Government composition, state security, border control
Rhodesia - 1977-78Removing guerilla (ZAPU) bases
Israel - 1978Removing guerilla (PLO) bases
France and Libya - 1978-79Government composition, strategic materials (uranium)
France, Belgium and United States - 1978Securing Zaire's territory against Angolian based rebels
Tanzania and Libya - 1978-79Government composition, territory, humanitarianism
Rhodesia - 1979Removing guerilla (ZAPU) bases
South Africa - 1979Removing guerilla (SWAPO) bases
Soviet Union - 1978-89Maintaining sphere, government composition
Vietnam - 1979-89Government composition, securing borders, aiding ethnic confreres
France, Zaire and Libya - 1982Government composition, civil war
Israel - 1982-83Removing guerilla (PLO) bases
United States - 1983Maintaining sphere, government composition
India - 1988Government Composition
United States - 1989Government composition, strategic concerns (Canal)

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