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If state law is discriminatory in operation (incidentally) but not by its terms, the law will be valid as long as there is a legitimate state interest and on balance, the local ben
Type of Jurisdiction: Over the 'stuff'
Type of Jurisdiction: Over a person
Actions by government as opposed to actions by individuals
State law between citizens of different state AND amount greater than $75,000
Conducted to reveal facts and develop evidence before trial
Court oversight of government actions
Controversies based on the US Constitution, US treaty, or any other federal law
Requires that legislation have a substantial relationship to an important governmental objective
Formal methods by which an agency resolves dispute
Extraordinary punishment to disincentive entity from making same mistake again
Process by which agencies determine if their roles are violated
Defines the actual legal rights and responsbilities
Assures uniformity of rules governing interstate commerce
If state law is by its terms discriminatory, the law will be invalid unless there is a legitimate state interest that can’t be furthered by any less burdensome law
Burdens of Proof: Criminal Liability
If the law regulates an economic activity, the law must be rationally related to a legitimate government interest
Division of state and federal governing power
Type of Jurisdiction: Over some of defendant's property/assets
Government's rights and powers; How it interacts with citizens
Series of formal written statements in which each side of a lawsuit states its claims and defenses
Substantive Law concerning the relationship and interaction of individuals and legal entities
Burdens of Proof: Civil Liability
Stare Decisis
The rules of how the rights and duties are enforced
Process by which administrative agency enacts or promulgated rules of law

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