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Imagine fighting Boris? It’d be like getting twatted by a _______
They call him G.O.D, He the big daddy, he look like me, but he more _____ !
how can my eye be lazy when it wonders around so _____
Where's Steven gone? Where’s Steven gone? He was here a minute ago, this is most ____
You're a brigand and a nincompoop,______ Augustus
Don't be angry...but when you went to get petrol...I shagged you're _____
Bear left and over to the right _______
Nan, what do you want for your birthday? _______! get me a ________ !
Have you thought about letting Cheesus into your life? I don’t like cheeses. You don’t like the baby Cheesus? No i hate _______ ______
We will have to go slowly through Swindon because there are some __________ on the line

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