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Director of GD, scientist at GDEd Quinn
Town psychiatrist, henchman of the ConsortiumDebrah Farentino
Army generalBarclay Hope
Jack-of-all-trades, mechanic, Town Mayor, scientist at GDJoe Morton
BiopharmacologistAlan Legros
AssistantChristopher Jacot
DoD agent, director of GD, head of medical science at GDSalli Richardson-Whitfield
Sheriffs daughters boyfriendVanya Asher
The town sheriffColin Ferguson
Sheriffs daughterJordan Hinson
Junior scientist at GD, director of GDNeil Grayston
DoD agents son, autistic savantMeshach Peters, Trevor Jackson
Deputy, head of security at GDErica Cerra
Owner of Cafe DiemChris Gauthier
Machine deputyTy Olsson, Kavan Smith
Director of GD, corporate fixerFrances Fisher
Mechanics wife, scientist at GDTamlyn Tomita
Assistant to Albert Einstein, scientific historianJames Callis
Mechanics assistant, DJShayn Solberg
Dry cleaner, sheriffs girlfriendSonja Bennett
TwinsBryan Wilson & Keith Wilson
Animal expertMatt Frewer
Sheriffs houseNeil Grayston
Scientist at GDRob LaBelle, Aaron Sholomenko
Sheriffs daughters friendAdrienne Carter
Head of Section 5, girlfriend of the sheriffJaime Ray Newman
Sheriffs sisterEver Carradine
Rebel, scientist at GD, boyfriend of the deputyNiall Matter
Mechanics wife, scientist at GDTembi Locke
Father of the town psychiatristElias Toufexis

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