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Common NameScientific NameTranslation
Finless Porpoise
Bottle-Nosed Dolphin
Blue Whale
Indo-Pacific Humpback Dolphin
Sowerby's Whale
Northern Right Whale Dolphin
Sperm Whale
Northern Bottlenose Whale
Fin Whale
Atlantic White-Sided Dolphin
Killer Whale
Bowhead Whale
Pygmy Right Whale
Irrawaddy Dolphin
Commerson's Dolphin
Bryde's Whale
Spinner Dolphin
Common NameScientific NameTranslation
Beluga Whale
Sei Whale
Hourglass Dolphin
Short-Finned Pilot Whale
Harbor Porpoise
Spectacled Porpoise
Pygmy Sperm Whale
Risso's Dolphin
Minke Whale
Spotted Dolphin
Baird's Beaked Whale
Common Dolphin
Dwarf Sperm Whale
Amazon River Dolphin
False Killer Whale
Dall's Porpoise
Grey Whale
Black Right Whale
Humpback Whale

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