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Gave women the right to vote.
Abolished slavery.
Main economic system of the U.S. System in which businesses are privately owned and profit is kept by the individual. Free enterprise.
Movement from 1954-1974 to gain equal rights for African Americans,
Court case in 1896. States that African Americans could be 'Separate but equal.'
U.S. policy of limiting the spread of communism.
Trials held in Germany following WWII to bring to justice Nazis who took part in the Holocaust.
Period between the stock market crash of 1929 and the start of WWII. The worst economic downturn of the U.S.
The rebuilding of the South after the Civil War.
Economic System in which the government owns all businesses. Profit is distributed evenly by the government.
And Era of immigration, women's rights, big business, sweatshops, and muckraking.
Munich Agreement, Soviet-German Non-Agression Pact, Great Depression, treaty of Versailles, Hitler's rise to power
Mass murder of millions of European Jews and other minorities by the Nazis during WWII.
Scandal during Nixon's presidency. He resigned before he was impeached.
The Soviet union led by Krushchev stored missiles in Cuba-JFK prepared for an invasion of Cuba. Krushchev agreed to pull the missiles out of Cuba after JFK blockaded the Cuban port
Drought in the Great Plains that forced many to leave their farms during the depression.
Arms race between the U.S. and the Soviet union for over 40 years.
Strong feelings of loyalty to one's nation.
Railway that spanned from the Atlantic to the Pacific of the U.S.
1954 Supreme court decision that separate but equal in public education was unconstitutional-Violates the 14th amendment-overturned Plessy vs Ferguson.
Countries join together for protection.
Larger, more powerful countries taking over smaller, weaker countries for their own benefit.
Familiar land, more motivation, better military leaders war all...
Years of happiness after WWI.
Laws developed by FDR to combat the Great Depression.
Cannot deny the right to vote based on race.
Buildup of military forces.
Women began to work in factories, Japanese Americans were sent to Internment Camps, people began to ration and grow victory gardens, increase in propaganda where?
President Truman dropped this bomb on 2 japanese cities to bring an end to the War quickly.
Allowed equal protection of the laws.
Britain, France, Russia, U.S., Italy, Japan...
Germany, Ottoman Empire, Austria-Hungary...
War between North vietnam and South Vietnam. U.S. was on the South Vietnamese side.
And Era of new inventions, monopolies, industrialization, and urbanization.
More soldiers, more money, more supplies were all...
Organization created near the end of WWII to promote peace and prevent future wars.
Cause of the Civil War
A war when Spain controlled Cuba and Cuba tried revolting from Spain's rule. The sinking of the Maine ship, caused the U.S. to join it.

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