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 Lob City
 Knick fans hate him
 The Bobcats will be these next year
 No, it's not LeBron
 Kevin Martin was here
 Lil' Wayne, but bigger
 Somethin' a fool
 James Harden was also drafted in this year
 What do Eskimos use?
 He has 11
 Patrick Ewing
 MJ and Shaq lead their teams to this
 He's a point guard
 He's a power forward
 The most recent Finals opponent of the Heat
 He wore 45 on his jersey when he returned to basketball
 He got in a fistfight recently
 Was in the Cavs before he got murdered
 Had a fight with Kris Humphries last season
 He's Aussie
 It happened just this year
 He's a Celtic
 Again, it just happened this year
 Think of a computer company
 One of them was probably MJ's biggest rival
 They got Superman this year
 He's 5'3
 Didn't play last season
 He was picked in 2002
 Could've beaten Wilt
 It's in Asia
 He's a double K
 Bang bang!
 The 3-pointer was added to the NBA in 1979
 Missed a potential game winner against the Grizzlies
 He's a former Nugget
 D Rose broke this record
 No, it's not 63
 He's from the Trail Blazers

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