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quantitytype of quantityhint
momentumProduct of an object's mass and velocity.
dot productsA*B
accelerationRate of change of the speed or velocity of an object.
workEnergy dissipated by a force moving over a distance
speedRate of change of the position of an object.
weightW= mg
thrusta reaction force
temperatureAverage energy per degree of freedom of a system.
quantitytype of quantityhint
directionNorth, South, East, West
energyjoule (J) = kgm^2/s^2
cross productA X B
entropyMeasure for the amount of available states for a system.
30m/sec, Eastvelocity
volumeThe volume occupied by a unit mass of material
powerThe rate of change in energy over time.
pressureAmount of force per unit area.
forceThe external cause of acceleration, acting on an object.

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