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Definition/QuoteLiterary Device
“It was wretched weather; stormy and wet, stormy and wet; and mud, mud, mud, deep in all the streets”
Exaggeration used to help the reader understand something.
'The clocks of the Eastward churches were striking five, the candles were wasted out, the fire was dead, and the wind and rain intensified the thick black darkness.'
'Fear knocked on the door. Faith answered. There was no one there.'
When a non-sentient object or idea is treated as if it has human mental traits.
Descriptions of physical sensations
The repeated use of a word or phrase for effect
The repetition of sounds at the beginning of words.
Sensory language that involves sight
'It was a night when thick fog drifted through the streets.'
An object that hints at a greater meaning or stands in for something significant
'The lazy languid line lingered.'
When the author gives you information or hints at what might come ahead.
Definition/QuoteLiterary Device
The use of words with high connotative meaning.
'Life is a journey.'
When the author specifically tells you a character's traits.
'The air about them was moving with with delicious fragrence that comes when the sun's touch is gentle.'
'I'll give you the moon and the stars.'
'That filthy nimwit doesn't deserve to live.'
When two or more sentences or phrases have the same sentence structure, but not the exact same words.
'She danced as gracefully as a swan.'
A reference in a novel or poem to a historical event, person, or work of art.
Anything in a piece of writing that is not meant literally.
'She was having a Jonah day.'
When information in the novel allows you to infer a character's traits

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