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Is this a function- {(3,7), (4,2), (3,5)}
The range of {(8,1), (9,1, (10,1)}
The domain of f(x)= (x-7) / (10-x)
Inverse of f(x)= 5x-3
If h(x)=x^2+5, what is h(7)?
Greatest Integer Function: [3.13]
If f(6) = 44, what is f^-1(44)
Write function for: 40% off at Old Navy- jeans are additional 10% off- what is cost of a pair of jeans w/out tax?
If f(x)=5x-2 w/ D: x>4, and g(x)=4+3x w/ D: x
If the domain is x>3, is (4,5) a pair?
Kid _______
We are all _________ to Gordon
Drop it like a _________ ________

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