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'If you really want to hear about it, the first thing you'll probably want to know is where I was born and what my _____ _____ was like'Holden
'What I liked about her, she didn't give you a lot of horse manure about what a great guy her father was. She probably knew what a _____ _____ he was.'Holden
'The more expensive a school is, the _____ _____ it has - I'm not kidding.'Holden
'People always think something's _____ _____.'Holden
'People _____ _____ anything.'Holden
'_____ is a _____, boy.'Mr. Spencer
'I was wondering if it would be frozen over when I got home, and if it was, where did the _____ _____?'Holden
'I'm the most _____ _____ you ever saw in your life. It's awful.'Holden
'What really _____ me _____ is a book that, when you're all done reading it, you wish the author that wrote it was a terrific friend of yours and you could call him up...'Holden
'Ask her if she still keeps all her _____ in the back _____.'Holden
'People _____ _____ you.'Holden
'All _____ hate it when you call them a _____.'Holden
'Almost every time somebody gives me a _____, it ends up making me _____.'Holden
'That guy Morrow was about as sensitive as a _____ _____.'Holden
'My brother D.B.'s a writer and all, and my brother Allie, the one that died, that I told you about, was a wizard. I'm the only _____ _____ one.'Holden
'He's so _____, he's almost _____, in fact. I don't exactly know what I mean by that, but I mean it.'Holden
'People always _____ for the wrong _____.'Holden
'I'm always saying 'Glad to've met you' to somebody I'm not at all glad I met. If you want to _____ _____, you have to say that stuff, though.'Holden
QuoteTwo WordsSpeaker
'I think maybe I'm just partly _____ and partly the type that doesn't give much of a damn if they lose their _____.'Holden
'If you want to know the truth, the guy I like best in the Bible, next to Jesus, was _____ _____...'Holden
'I probably would've, too, if I'd been sure somebody'd cover me up as soon as I landed. I didn't want a bunch of stupid _____ looking at me when I was all _____.'Holden
'He kept saying they were too _____ and _____. That was his favorite goddam word. He read it somewhere or heard it somewhere.'Holden
'_____ are always trying to find out if you're _____.'Holden
'...his parents paid no attention to him, and he kept on walking next to the kerb and singing 'If a body _____ a body coming through the _____.' It made me feel better.'Holden
'If a girl looks _____ when she meets you, who gives a damn if she's _____? Nobody.'Holden
'I don't even like old _____. I mean they don't even interest me. I'd rather have a goddam horse. A horse is at least _____, for God's sake.'Holden
'It's full _____ _____, and all you do is study so that you can learn enough...'Holden
'Anyway, I'm sort of glad they've got the _____ _____ invented.'Holden
'People never give your _____ to _____.'Holden
'I hope to hell when I do _____ somebody has sense enough to just dump me in the _____ or something.'Holden
'All you have to do is say something nobody _____ and they'll do practically _____ you want them to.'Holden
'That's all I do all day. I'd just be the _____ in the _____ and all. I know it's crazy, but that's the only thing I'd really like to be.'Holden
'That's the nice thing about carrousels, they always _____ the same _____.'Holden
'The thing with kids is, if they want to grab for the _____ _____, you have to let them do it, and not say anything.'Holden
'Don't ever tell anybody anything. If you do, you start _____ _____.'Holden

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