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a trifle; also, a short, light literary or musical piece
grossly wicked; scandalous
one who explains or interprets difficult parts of written works
dull; sluggish; apathetic
one who returns after death or a long absence
to melt away or become liquid
a state or condition of fitness, order, or mind
hastily or superficially performed
an advocate
lacking sensation or awareness
a shell; a protective covering
confidence; coolness
accompanying; attending
the condition or quality of being doubtful; also, a matter of doubt
to put off doing something
to strengthen or make more certain with other evidence
a group of secret and often scheming advisers
favorable; also, prosperous; fortunate
money; riches
a warning
extremely poor
to show in a clear manner
a state of balance, equilibrium, or stagnation
rising again into being; showing renewed vigor
knowing or anticipating the outcome of events before they happen
suitable for a given purpose or occasion
to refute conclusively
difficult to understand

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