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Which company filed a patent infringement lawsuit over the Apple Iphone on October 22nd 2009?
Who received the Nobel Peace Prize in 2009?
Which city was chosen for 2016 Summer Games?
Who's political book released in September 2009 is the #1 political book by sales rank according to (as of October 2009)?
Which missing Florida girl's body was found in October after vanishing on her walk home from school?
What new operating system was release by Microsoft this year?
Which actor is involved in an extortion case against a paramedic and a former Bahamian senator?
What Mexican drug cartel was dealt a serious blow by police raids this October?
Who was arrested as a terrorism suspect with plans for attacking malls and U.S. politicians in October 2009?
Who will Afgahnistan president Hamid Karzai be in a run-off election against?
Which airline announced on October 22nd 2009 plans to expand in Denver, CO?
What CERN device that may help explain the universe has reached operational temperatures on October 20th 2009?
Who was the guru of the deadly sweat lodge in Sedona, Arizona?

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