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can you answer all the questions about t
What is the name of the song Sheldon asks to sing when he's sick?
What is Sheldon's grandma's nickname?
What is the name of Leonard's ex-girlfriend who defected to North Korea
What department does Howard work in?
What is Raj's favorite alcoholic beverage?
What city is Penny from?
What did Penny's dad call her as a child until puberty?
What is Sheldon's twin sister's name?
What is Leonard's middle name?
What machine did Leonard make as a child to simulate affection?
can you answer all the questions about t
What broadway musical do Sheldon, Leonard and Howard love to watch?
Where does Penny work?
What community college does Leonard suggest Penny enroll in?
Who funds the expedition to the north pole?
What is Howard deathly allergic to?
Which two characters sleep with the same woman that also works at the university with them?
What show does sheldon watch every Saturday morning at 6:30?
What classic phrase does sheldon use after a practical joke?
What vehicle does Howard use to get to work every day?
What two athletic skills does sheldon learn using the internet?

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