Rumpole of the Bailey

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Rumpole's first name
His wife's first name
Rumpole's five-word nickname for his wife.
Schoolfriend of Rumpole's wife, who visits on several occasions, to Rumpole's chagrin.
Is Rumpole a barrister or solicitor
His philosophy in court is to, 'Never plead...
The last name of the family of petty criminals whose frequent antics help keep Rumpole steadily employed.
Family name of the arch-rivals of the petty criminal family in the above clue.
His greatest legal triumph, argued 'alone and without a leader'
Name of the wine bar he frequents
most often
How he refers to the cheap red wine he orders at the wine bar
His favorite poet, whom he often quotes
He served in this branch of the
military in WWII
On television, Rumpole was primarily played by this actor
Rumpole's Shakespearean nickname for Phyllida Trant/Phyllida Erskine-Brown
Rumpole's rhyming nickname for
feminist barrister, Liz Probert
Rumpole's squeaky clean nickname for Samuel Ballard, Head of Chambers
and eventual judge.
This writer of the Rumpole stories and novels, who died January 16, 2009.

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