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orchestrastring instrumentsclassical
term for drawing the bow across the string
term for plucking the string
pulling the string with the right hand to make a snap
when notes are played on adjacent strings creating atwo-tone harmony
left hand technique where the pitch is varied in a pulsating rhythm
lightly touching the string creates this phenomenon
smooth, separated bowing technique
smooth, connected bow stroke
orchestrastring instrumentsclassical
hammered bow stroke, bell like
on the string short and detached
stuck or glued. this stroke is started with a motionless heavily weighted bow; often starting at the frog
off the string bounced bowstroke
off the string technique where the stick of the bow bounces but the hair does not
moving the bow rapidly and not in measured rhythm
bowing technoque played on the wood of the bow
throwing or dropping the bow so that it bounces two or more succesive times
play near the bridge
two or more notes on a single bow
con sordino
quality of the sound or what distingusihes the sound from others of the same pitch

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