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DefinitionNon-chord tone (NCT)
A NCT that delays a stepwise descent in a line. It involves three parts: preparation, suspension and resolution. It is measured according to the intervals above the bass and label
Functions like a suspension but resolves up by step instead of down
A stationary pitch that begins as a chord tone, becomes an NCT as the harmonies change and finally ends up as a chord tone again
A NCT that is approached by step and resolved by skip in the opposite direction
A NCT that is approached by leap and resolved by step in the opposite direction
Embellishes a tone by moving stepwise away from and then back to a particular tone. Approached by step and left by step in the opposite direction
Used to fill the space between two other tones. Approached by step, left by step in the same direction
A NCT that anticipates a tone that belongs to the next chord

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