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when an individual carries two different alleles for a trait
alternative forms of a gene
When the phenotype of the heterozygote is in between those of the homozygotes
The most common allele in a population; the non-mutant allele
A chromosome that is not a sex chromosome
When one gene masks the expression of another on a different chromosome
trait that is masked by the dominant gene on the same chromosome
Cell with two copies of each chromosome
the outward appearance caused by genes
the exchange of genetic material during prophase I of meiosis. It results in new allele combinations
all the genes in an organism
When the heterozygote expresses both dominant traits at the same time
when an individual carries two copies of the same alleles for a trait
A visual representation of family inheritance
a cell with one copy of each chromosome
An observed trait that is the same whether the individual is homodygous or heterozygous; it masks the recessive form of a trait
haploid sex-cells
When a homozygous recessive individual is crossed to an individual of an unknown genotype
Type of cell division where one diploid cell produces four unique haploid cells
The physical position of a gene on a chromosome

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