Hawk Harrelson's Catch Phrases

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Sit back, relax, and ______ it down.Conclusion of pregame show
HE _____!Opposing batter strikes out
You can put it on the ______, yesssss!White Sox player hits a home run
_______ packed with SoxWhite Sox have the bases loaded
_______em up!White Sox turn a double play
Grab some _______!Opposing batter strikes out
That one had ____ on itSharp line drive hit by a player
WAY ____!Sox player hits a no-doubt home run
That'll get the ___ doneSacrifice fly/ground ball out to the opposite side to score a run
But the _____ is doneEnd of a successful White Sox inning
Man, that is some ____ right there!Hawk gets angry at umpire's call
I love that _____!Aflac Trivia question is initially shown
Right size, wrong _____Ball with homerun distance goes foul
______ two hopperBatter hits a two hopper to the infielder
Duck _____Short fly ball that lands in between an infielder and outfielder
You can cancel the _______ ______ (2 words)White Sox pitchers bid for no-hitter is broken up
Time to cinch up and _____ downWhite Sox batter is in an 0-2 hole
_______Hawk's nickname for the Red Sox
_______Hawk's nickname for the Twins
_______Hawk's nickname for his color commentator DJ

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