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'What do you do with a B.A. in English?'
'He was thinking of me, which shows he cares!'
'...making me feel glad that I'm not you!'
'She couldn't be sweeter, wish you could meet her.'
'helping others brings you closer to God, so give me a quarter.'
'When I was little I thought I would be, a big comedian on late night T.V.'
'School for monsters, school for lonely little monsters...'
'Though you are try for making peace with them and ruving...'
'And sometimes you feel like you're nobody...'
'..Ooooooh, .at a play, Ooooooh...'
'And I'm not some young kid who doesn't know anything!'
Kindergarten teacher; needs heart transplant
Musclular doppleganger of another character, brief appearance

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