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Beginning of LyricEnd of LyricNumber of Words
I'm only pretty sure5
Before you3
I wonder what4
When I say2
I want to get3
I wonder is there anything4
I wonder4
When you3
How's 3
When you're sure3
When there is no one there 7
Where we used2
There's a2
Sharp as a2
A silence3
Like... The hammocks by the doorway6
Beginning of LyricEnd of LyricNumber of Words
Don't see lightning like last fall8
I wonder how's it gonna be 4
When you're2
When you found out3
How's 3
When you don't3
And how's3
Want to get 4
The soft dive of1
Wanna taste the soul3
The soft dive of 2
When you don't 3
How's 3
How's 3

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