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the remains of my wasted youth, this wasted time on you
spill the wax over the spaces left in place of angry words
dont call the doctor i dont need no medication
ive never told a lie, and that makes me a liar
but im smiling at everything
on my feet and staggering
your so cynical
wide awake my mistakes so predictable
shut your mouth and listen closely cause this silence isnt easy so ill break it even harder than before
you can make make make me forget the weather
like a weightless currency, your words dont mean sh*t to me
just another pretty face but i want one more taste
her heart beats red wine
hey there its good to see you again
take a breath dont it sound so easy
like a deer in the headlights i wont know what hit me
our time is fleeting so we take control
and we'll never be worlds apart
ill ask you if the rain still makes you smile
luck loves me not tonight
and our chemistry is kerosine
im gonna roll the dice before you sober up and get gone
with empty bottles heavy hearts
leaving you to be, forever seventeen
all my friends say please dont love her
on a silver platter your wish came true
are we both crazy
smile like you dont give a damn about the consequence

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