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LyricFinished LyricNumber of Words
And now I'm all alone again8
I did not want your money, sir OR Without a friend, without a home9 OR 7
And now the night2
Now I can4
Sometimes I walk alone at night5
I think of him4
with the3
The city goes2
And I can 4
On my own, pretending5
I walk with him2
Without him, I feel4
And when8
And he has2
In the rain, the pavement3
All the lights are4
In the3
are full of6
LyricFinished LyricNumber of Words
him and me forever2
And I know it's4
That I'm3
and not2
And although I know4
I love him, but when the3
he is gone, the river's3
Without him,5
The trees4
the streets are full of1
I love him, but every day5
I've only 2
Without me, his5
A world that's3
that I3
I love him, but4

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