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Chemical element with atomic number 79.
Clint Eastwood film, The ____, the bad and the ugly.
American industrialist, Henry ____.
Unit of language.
Legless, spineless creature.
George Orwell novel, Animal ____.
Tom Cruise film based on Grisham novel, The ____.
The Doors song, Light my ____.
Mark Knopfler's band, ____ Straits.
One tenth of a dollar.
____ Edna Everage, Barry Humphries alter ego.
Irene Cara song from the film of the same name.
Nicholas Cage film, ____/Off.
Ceremonial staff.
John Steinbeck novella, Of ____ and Men.
Comedian and actor, Andrew ____ Clay.
Benito Mussolini's nickname, Il ____.
John Wayne's nickname, The ____.
To vomit (slang).
Minute opening of the skin.
Capital city of Papua New Guinea, ____ Moresby.
Send a letter.
The largest amount.
To argue or debate an irrelevant point.
Goodnight ____, Classic book by Margaret Wise Brown.
Gary Cooper film, High ____.
Element with atomic number 10.

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