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Latin AbbreviationLatin PhraseLiteral Translation
P.A.Through a year
E.G.For example
I.E.That is
M.O.Operating method
V.In the direction
A.D.In the year of the lord
A.M.Before midday
Q.E.DWhat was to be demonstrated
N.B.Note well
A.C.Before meals
FF.(And the following) sheet
I.A.Among other things
Latin AbbreviationLatin PhraseLiteral Translation
M.A.Master of Arts
P.S.After what has been written
R.I.P.May he/she rest in peace
S.V.Under the word
V.I.See below
H.S.E.He lies here
E.I.From below (in this writing)
S.E.E.OSave for error and omission
I.C.In the event
M.P.With one's own hand
D.M.S.To the memory of
S.L.Without a place
V.G.For the sake of a word
N.P.No protest
F.D.Defender of the faith

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