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Full Metal AlchemistHomuculi of Protagonist's brother
InuYashaPrince of the Northern Tribes
Neon Gensis EvangelionEva 01 piliot
Neon Gensis EvangelionAngel that entered Terminal/Central Dogma
Yu Yu HakushoWind Master
Full Metal AlchemistFather of the Protagonist
InuYashaLord of the Western Lands
BleachShort Captain
BleachElderly Captain
Full Metal AlchemistHas a short fuse
Yu Yu HakushoMaster of the Plant
Yu Yu HakushoProtagonist's teacher
Death NoteProtagonist
Death NotePerson who goes by 'L'
Blood +'Brother' of Protagonist
Blood +First Chevalier of Protagonist
Blood +Father of Antagonist's children
YuGiOhLove the 'Change of Heart' card
YuGiOhTombkeeper turned bad
DigimonDigimon sealed in the dark place

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