Top 50 MLB Players not in the Hall of Fame

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Can you name the Best MLB Players not in the Hall of Fame by Wins Above Replacement?

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Career Span/Primary Team(s)PlayerWins Above Replacement
1986-2007/Pirates, Giants178.3
1984-2007/Red Sox, Blue Jays, Yankees, Astros133.9
1963-1986/Reds, Phillies, Expos76.7
1988-2007/Orioles, Phillies, Diamondbacks, Red Sox76.1
1878-1887/Blues, Cubs72.7
1891-1911/Cubs, Dodgers, Giants70.9
1989-2005/Expos, Rockies69.7
1970-1986/Orioles, Angels67.3
1979-2002/Expos, White Sox, Yankees66.2
1972-1991/Cubs, Pirates, Giants66.2
1986-2005/Cubs, Rangers, Orioles66.1
1986-2005/Rangers, Marlins, Dodgers, Yankees64.3
1972-1991/Red Sox62.8
1967-1988/Twins, Indians, Yankees, Padres62.8
1964-1982/Indians, Red Sox, Yankees62.3
1972-1989/Indians, Rangers, Reds61.6
1881-1894/Red Stockings (CIN)61.5
1966-1982/Red Sox, Cardinals, Dodgers60.8
Career Span/Primary Team(s)PlayerWins Above Replacement
1874-1884/Red Stockings (BSN)60.7
1908-1920/Naps, White Sox59.6
1986-2003/Mets, Royals, Blue Jays, Yankees58.8
1879-1895/Blues, Hoosiers, Giants, Pirates58.8
1871-1887/Mutuals, A's58.8
1884-1892/Cardinals, Dodgers58.7
1986-2001/A's, Cardinals58.7
1882-1892/Blues, Phillies57.9
1927-1941/Indians, Red Sox57.2
1966-1981/A's, Brewers57.1
1974-1990/Cardinals, Mets57.1
1963-1989/Dodgers, Yankees, Angels56.3
1992-2007/Dodgers, Mets56.1
1984-2001/Royals, Mets, Red Sox56.0
1904-1919/Phillies, Red Stockings (BSN), Reds55.8
1968-1981/Giants, Angels55.7
1963-1977/Phillies, White Sox55.6
1969-1989/Braves, Giants, Tigers55.1
1916-1928/Yankees, Browns54.9
1989-2007/White Sox, Cubs54.8
1905-1920/Red Sox, White Sox54.5
1960-1977/Braves, Cardinals, Mets54.2
1986-2002/Angels, Indians53.7

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