Two 'T' Terminating Test!

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Can you name the alliterative words or phrases beginning with the letter 'T'?

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Also try: Two 'T' Test Time!
The Pepsi Challenge, ex.
An organized schedule detailing a series of events
A method that has been successfully tested to perfection (it's not false)
Male country music singer since 1989 (b. 1963)
Another name for an usher
What a vehicle leaves behind when it drives through mud
Song having the same name as the album
A lie or exaggerated story
One who refuses to drink alcoholic beverages (1 word)
Capital & country in northern Africa
Alternative name for a 'nipple gripple' or 'purple nurple'
4 (3 words)
Model of sports car made by Audi
Computerized event ticketing technology bought by Ticketmaster in 1991 (1 word)
A device used to keep bread air tight
Hockey enforcer (fighter) who played for the Nordiques & Blues
Derogatory name for someone from a neighborhood of mobile homes
A 4-word idiom to describe activities that can't be done alone--like arguing (begins with 'it...)
Dipsy, Laa-Laa, Po and Tinky Winky (1 word)
Homophonic R&B/Soul group from Oakland (3 names)

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