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Can you name the three-letter words that begin with the letter A?

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Forced Order
Clue3-Letter 'A' Word
what to say at the doctor's office
what we breath
type of black cuckoo bird
type of beer
upper appendage; tree limb
everyone; everything
poisonous snake
stomach muscles, for short
what a pirate might utter?
donkey; silly person; backside
a sweet-looking, black-and-white diving bird
commotion; fuss
too; also
to do the opposite of subtract
to be sick
to point a gun
a period in history; what increases on your birthday
curved flight path
in the past
one or more with no specified amount
likely; fitting; appropriate
yes; yea; often used twice with 'captain'
lumberjack's tool
electric guitar accessory
Noah's boat
Clue3-Letter 'A' Word
hail; welcome; farewell; goodbye
little insect (usually black)
to stun; to greatly respect/admire
many an iPhone feature
in music, it means 'high'
to help (with)
consumed; ingested
leather-piercing tool
South American three-toed sloths
a priestly garment
Japanese female oyster diver
toward the stern; opposite of 'fore'
citrus cooler
tool for chiseling
drawings, paintings, sculpture, etc.
wood used in baseball bats; to tap off the end of a cigarette
to perform; part of a play
to request
bristle-like appendage of a plant
exclamation of surprise
a form of the word 'be'
Turkish &/or Muslim title of honor
slang term for a $5 bill
a card; a hole-in-one; a perfect serve

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