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Can you name the sports venues that have the shortest full names (all venues contain 10 or fewer letters)?

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SportVenueNumber of Letters
MLB (time to crack a cold one)10
NFL (it's not UPS)10
NBA (Brown can't do anything for you at this venue)10
MLB (don't put these in with your load of whites)10
MLB (time to crack a cold one)10
NBA (more bars in more places)9
MLB (think of a dog, cat, or goldfish)9
NHL (where you plant veggies)8
NHL (they're not the pink kind)9
MLB (a misspelled name for a town?)9
MLB (reach out and touch someone)7
SportVenueNumber of Letters
NFL (play a record vinylhead!)7
NHL (the opposite of 'fills'?)9
NFL (what's your favorite ketchup brand?)10
NFL (f***er only runs downhill!)9
MLB (a pursuit)10
NHL (NC State Wolfpack also plays here)8
NBA (pie a la ____?)10
NFL (this new stadium name is bull)10
MLB (Captain Jack Sparrow might like this venue)7
NHL (think of Anita Ward's 1979 disco song about a 'bootie call')10

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