Geography / One-syllable Places II

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Can you name the following places on the globe that only have one syllable?

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river; 1,841 miles; Russia
cape; Massachusetts; the Cape
city; Michigan; unemployment
island group; Kiribati; USA
cape; island; New Jersey; perhaps?
island; NYC; Bahamas; etc
passage; South America; Antarctica
cape; Tierra del Fuego; dangerous
territory; USA; island; atoll; unincorporated
island; territory; Australia; McDonald
mountain range; Europe; Swiss?
bay; Hudson; Quebec; Ontario; Nunavut
mountain; 7 Summits?; 9 Summits?; Mont
city; UK; England; West Yorkshire; 800,000
U.S. state; the only one
island group; territory; UK; Caicos
territory; New Zealand; Islands; Avarua
firth; river; Scotland; 25%?
city; Morocco; 1 million; hat?
river; 310 miles; Missouri River; Nebraska

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