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Can you name the following places on the globe that only have one syllable?

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river; 215 miles; England; London
river; 505 miles; Swiss Alps to Mediterranean
strait; Australia; Victoria; Tasmania
capital; Belarus
capital; Czech Republic
city; France; Mediterranean; 5th largest (population)
sea; island; ice shelf; Antarctica
territory; USA; Hagåtña
island group; island; Micronesia; Caroline Islands
sea; 168,500 sq mi; Europe; Asia
sea; 34,700 sq mi; Russia; Barents Sea
river; 400+ miles; Cottian Alps to Adriatic
country; Europe; red white & blue flag
country; Iberia
country; lake; Africa
country; Balkan Peninsula
island; Isle; England; largest ever rock music event
capital; Switzerland
city/county; Ireland; wine bottles?
river; 482 miles; Paris; bridges
country; Asia
sea; 290,000 sq mi; UK; Norway; Denmark; etc.
sea; 169,000 sq mi; Middle East; Biblical
capital; Western Australia
country?; not a country?; Cardiff
island; Tristan da Cunha; rhymes with 'cough'
river; 766 miles; Swiss Alps to North Sea
capital; Italy
river; 1,078 miles; Rockies to Columbia River
capital; South Korea

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