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Can you name the rhyming answers to the following clues (see first comment)?

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An oscillating playground toy made out of twine?
What you will have/go through if you teetotal throughout the 10th month of the Gregorian/Julian calendar?
A radio channel that airs details, particulars, facts and figures?
The tides and currents in the Atlantic, Pacific, Indian, etc.?
A rib-eye or porterhouse that is not genuine?
A sewer or conduit for removing precipitation?
The incorrect resonant-sounding large metal disc?
One of the teeth an arctic bear uses to chew its food?
A pirate attack that lasts 10 years?
A speckle-colored horse that is no longer a foal?
ClueRhyming AnswerExtra Info
A pal that has suffered too many lacerations?
A ballerina born under the 4th sign of the zodiac?
The aim or intention of the ruling body of South Korea's capital?
The lower leg of Dorothy's friend without a heart?
A penniless gentlemen from the UK?
The act of buying, say, a house or car on a credit card?
A rabbit that is extremely conscious of its surroundings?
A dark beer poured into a glass that is not as tall as the one next to it?
A barrell maker that excels at his job?
A calm and tranquil Rolaid?

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