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Can you name the rhyming answers to the following clues (see first comment)?

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A percussionist that doesn't perform in the spring, autumn or winter?
Liquid substance for an ancient Celtic priest?
A long strip of cloth or vinyl hung to display politeness and etiquette?
A green-shaded edge of a knife or sword?
A 'baby-delivering bird' made from the material of a bottle stopper?
A safe-cracker's beer cask?
A sudden onset of a foot disease involving defective metabolism of uric acid?
The center of a bar?
A toss or throw from a female?
A usually sleeveless rainproof garment made for those in charge?
ClueRhyming AnswerExtra Info
Tanning oil used on the beaches of the Atlantic or Pacific?
An event to see who can empty their pepper spray container the fastest?
A non-crazy citizen of Denmark?
A consecrated trunk?
A locomotive for transporting cultivated cereal crop?
An excitingly scary movie involving murders?
Slang chewing tobacco for a colorful South American parrot?
An attractive group of people appointed for a specific function?
A gander that escaped the pen?
What you would have if you received Monopoly for Christmas after you already received it for your birthday?

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