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An alcoholic beverage made from barley and hops that is close at hand?
A friendly and considerate orange peel?
A gripping device for a Parisian mechanic?
part of a steel magnolia?
A male who celebrates his birthday during the 7th month of the Julian/Gergorian calendar?
Woven or felted fabric for a butterfly-like insect?
The act of locating something in complete darkness, or a discovery by someone with 20/200 vision?
A bag-like container of the darkest color?
One who gives an exotic dancer some extra money for his/her services?
An abode for a legendary dwarfish creature?
ClueRhyming AnswerExtra Info
A cleansing bar used to effectively handle tragedies and misfortunes?
The tune a jukebox will play when you push the incorrect buttons?
A levy on candles?
A vehicle for transporting hockey discs?
An alternative to tea that is made from caramelized sugar or molasses?
A Mongolian tent made out of earth?
A memo or brief letter for a horned ruminant?
A more-recently installed waste-disposal conduit?
A porous rock made out of chick pea spread?
A fluorescent menial laborer?

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