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Can you name the rhyming answers to the following clues (see first comment)?

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ClueRhyming AnswerExtra Info
A chair made out of animal flesh?
A sidearm for Mother Teresa?
A yard tool for gathering reptiles?
An oversized public transportation vehicle?
cheese, bacon or mayo for a Burger King signature sandwich?
An elated father?
Captain Morgan with no feeling?
A girl's pigtail that is coming undone?
Means of amphibious conveyance to and from a castle?
Legislation for beverage sipping devices?
ClueRhyming AnswerExtra Info
One in search of a piece of athletic footwear?
Admission stub to watch a game of 'British Baseball'?
An adhesive for keeping fruit on a vine?
What Noah used to build his boat?
A diagram of a circulatory organ?
Frozen water that's pleasant?
A bloodsucking annelid that hangs out seaside?
A foldable bed of a very high temperature?
An ignorant and insensitive fish?
An announcement or signal for an injury?

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