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Can you name the rhyming answers to the following clues (see first comment)?

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A tune that is far from short?
A flying toy of the lightest color?
An abode for a rodent?
A fruit spread made out of mollusks?
A deranged flower?
A large semi?
A man that is not wet?
What you might use to execute a large deer?
A TV station about wools and cottons?
An attractive woodwind instrument?
ClueRhyming AnswerExtra Info
An aviator clad in the last color in the rainbow?
One of two clay workers closer to the kiln?
An automobile for a fish?
A fletcher's container?
A fern for an insect?
A happy finch-like song bird?
What a hunter might use to attract a duck?
A super cool cinematic production from the 60s or 70s?
Minestrone for everyone?
The people that prepared the above answer?

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