Fun Way to Get Through a Colonoscopy

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Can you name the car models placed after the word 'anal' in order to laugh your way through a colonoscopy?

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Car MakeAnal...Extra Hint
smart'A Bicycle Built ___ ___'
Rolls-Roycea spirit; a specter; BOO!
Chevya mass of snow falling down a mountainside; a Colorado NHLer
MercuryNovember birthstone
Dodgea plane that sprays pesticides on crops
Buick3 words: not 'city also nation' but...
Land Rover/LincolnPrince Henry, for example (ship steerer)
Nissan_____ for the Holy Grail
Nissanto move in a zigzag fashion; ____box
Nissana member of a Tennessee NFL team
Fordjoining two or more things together; nuclear ______
Geoa surge of violent weather
Fordto bend a limb or joint in order to bulge a muscle
Isuzua cowboy exhibition
Suzukian ancient Japanese warrior class
Volkswagena flying insect with shell-like wings
MINIa male person who lives in a rural area; a farm dweller
Mazdaan act of showing gratitude; an accolade or praise
Dodgeone who contests a champion
Dodgea member of an Oakland NFL team
Aston Martinto defeat thoroughly; conquer; trounce
Pontiacatmosphere; sensation; energy; good ____s
NissanSpain's ancient powerful navy
GMCa deep gorge; The Grand ______
Hondanot 'The Illiad', but 'The _______'
Fordto concentrate on; some cameras have an auto one
Forda journey or voyage taken by a large group
Car MakeAnal...Extra Hint
Chevynot a watt or an amp
Subaruprospects; expectations; point of view
Chryslergunfire from two or more directions passing through the same area
Hondaone who flies a plane
Isuzuone who moves upwards; a climber (the colonoscopy tool?)
Dodgea .357, for example
Hondaany one on the Periodic Table
Ford'Walker, Texas ______'
Rolls-Royce'_______ of the Opera'
Forda Spanish party, festival, ceremony, etc.
Porschean arachnid
Acuraa myth; a superstar; part of a map
Geoa glass object that refracts light
Forda short journey or trip; a day trip
Dodgea male sheep
Saturnan outlook or opinion; point of ____
Mitsubishisolar or lunar phenomenon
Fordto break free from (what you might like to have during a colonoscopy?)
Jeepperson in charge of horses; jeans brand name
Dodgea superhero member alongside Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, Hulk, etc.
Hondaof suitable quality; in good health (what you don't get adjusted for in a colonoscopy?)
Hyundaiany one of these things on top of a letter (` ~ ^)
Hyundaia group of people surrounding an important person; former HBO series
Dodgewhat some believe leaves your body when you die
Fordto investigate; possibly the device used in a colonoscopy?
Mitsubishia cavalry man; a jouster
Toyotaan environment in which something develops; one of three Keanu Reeves movies
Car MakeAnal...Extra Hint
Mercurypanther; mountain lion; puma
Oldsmobileto arouse the curiosity of; to fascinate
Hondaintuition; perception; awareness (opposite of 'out blindness')
Eaglea claw of a predatory bird
Subaruinheritance; by-product; something handed down by a predecessor
Jeepfreedom (what you want after a colonoscopy)
Subaruremote region in Australia
Jeepdevice used to find N, S, E or W
Dodgea group or procession traveling across a desert
FordColumbus, Magellan, Polo, da Gama, etc.
Nissanan unpredictable and/or unprincipled person; female X-Man
Dodgea member of a San Diego NFL team
Chevya risky or daring journey; an undertaking (almost sounds like Pet Detective Ace _______)
Kiaskill or strength; one's strong suit
Geothe subway system in Paris, for example
Buicka meeting place; a tryst
Dodgesomething used in cricket or 301
Jeepleader; person of authority over troops
GMCa messenger or representative; a diplomat
Dodgea venomous snake
Plymoutha gentle gust of wind; (flatulence?)
Chevya fast-moving system; The Pony _______
Geoa person or animal that can find someone/something by following his/her/its trail
Pontiacflood; deluge; strong & fast-moving stream of water
Dodgeband that sings 'Wheel in the Sky'
Aston Martinplace or position with a good view; a _______ point

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