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the only element to fit the category
to spoil; not sweet
to happen again
longest bone in the human body
strong, sweet-flavored, (usually after dinner) alcoholic beverage
to agree
bring upon oneself; give rise to
grain powder
alternative path (usually indicated by a fluorescent orange sign)
60 minutes
magnificence; glory; impressiveness
a Frenchman?
expert judge in matters of taste; maven
the last one died in the Cretaceous, unless you consider a bird as an erstwhile one
wild dog; a less-than-reputable man
journey; PGA ____
it sometimes accompanies a cowboy boot
square root of 16
large Asian ox (also called the Indian Bison)
half-man, half-horse
soft, indistinct sound; heart problem
speak indistinctly; insulting remark
person who tells amusing and/or interesting anectdotes
an outline; a Ford sedan from 1995-2000
your + my
raise doubts or objections
medieval, traveling/singing poet; The Stones sing about them in 'Sympathy for the Devil'
limo driver, at times
Peeping Tom
to happen
not 'my'
sweet-looking primate found only in Madagascar
clean by rubbing hard
animal hair; overcoat for the posh
prickly seed case
gloomy; grim; sullen
plant of the buttercup family; also a city in California
business risk-taker; one who discovers a new/improved way of performing business
illogical statement; Latin for 'it does not follow'; comic strip since 1992
to rain
one who engages in sabotage; a song on Jethro Tull's 'Under Wraps' album (far from their greatest)
to become unclear; English alternative rock band
consume hungrily or ravenously
ancient city in Mesopotomia

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