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America's 16th president & where Donovan McNabb will no longer rack up home stats
Sticky material players rub on their bat & the newest MLB venue
The big dinosaur in the first Jurassic Park movie & where the Canadian team with 5 Stanley Cups play
The MLB's all-time hit leader & the venue where Wilkens, Walton, Drexler & Pippen might attend a game
The big orange tourist attraction in San Francisco & the NHL venue that might be sponsored by a tire or a golf ball?
Marshall Mathers' rap name & where the team named after Poe play
Internet travel site symbolized by a plane flying around a globe & the venue where a baseball fan can purchase a 'jungle juice'
Maker of Battleship & where you might hear the chant, 'Fear the Deer!'
An elite branch of the military responsible for land-based military operations & perhaps Chuck Norris' favorite venue?
The man who gave us Star Wars & colloquially, 'Peyton's Place'
Before & After ClueAnswerFun Facts?
Famous American singer, cowboy actor, as well as namesake of a restaurant chain & where Ontario's capital hosts games
Nickname of the pickpocket in Dickens' 'Oliver Twist' & the site of Gibson's famous 1988 homer
'Yo quiero' this fast food chain & where Quebec's largest city's team plays
The star of the Indiana Jones films & where the famous/infamous team that went 0-16 play
A sign indicating not to perform a 180 while driving & the venue named after the famous media tycoon
What to give your puppy when it's teething & where Yao has played most of his home games
2010 Vezina winner plus Olympic MVP & a beer connoisseur's favorite venue?
*Title of the head of the U.S. Department of Justice & where the non-politically correct Canadian team plays
One of the meanings of 'PDQ' & where King James will no longer play home games
A professor's favorite student & the venue on Tony Gwynn Drive

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