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Can you name the alliterative answers to the following questions for each letter of the alphabet?

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A: 'Hi. My name is...' (self-help group)
B: 2010-2011 Stanley Cup winner
C: silent films
D: Looney Toons character
E: rapper born Eric Lynn Wright
F: common cafeteria contest?
G: novel by F. Scott Fitzgerald
H: U.S. President
I: capital, U.S. state
J: NFL team
K: American donut chain
L: Xena: Warrior Princess
M: Walt Disney rodent (male)
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N: pantyhose name brand
O: Popeye's girlfriend
P: the phrase that ruined Scooby-Doo by the character that ruined Scooby-Doo
Q: type of quill used by Rita Skeeter
R: brand of sport utility vehicle
S: plasticy material jettisoned via aerosol can
T: brand name of feminine product
U: NCAA team from Salt Lake City
V: boys' or girls' high school sport at its highest level of competition
W: candy company inspired by a movie
X: an ancient Persian king's boat?
Y: a baby fir tree?
Z: former NHL defenseman (Pens, Whalers, Flames, Habs, Flyers)

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