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Can you name the 3-letter words as they change by one letter each time?

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Definition3-Letter Word
to help or assist
what people do at auctions--or on eBay
a 'pre-flower'; a pal
what cows chew
a failure; a missile that doesn't work
to press for payment; grayish brown
to put on (clothes)
a very long time
poetic 'even' or 'evening'
a marshy area; a swampland
a cooling device; an adorer
a craze that is often times short-lived
to roam about
once owned
a portable trough for carrying mortar
charged particle
*a man's name
class of spirits in Islamic mythology (var.); Chinese dynasty (var.)
one's family
a baby goat
a cover
a young boy
jaws or throat of a voracious animal
to cut grass
Definition3-Letter Word
at the present time
used to express negation, refusal and/or denial
what a squirrel often buries
opposite of in; in baseball, opposite of safe
to place
to tap gently
African shrub (var.)
a rodent
made a lap?
a drunkard
a young child
a foot digit
*first part of a deadly African fly
slang term meaning push, good, bad, disgust, etc.
*elemental symbol for ununhexium (#116)
*elemental symbol for ununennium (#119)
*a Saturn SUV from 2002-2010
the spelling of the letter 'V'
to marry
crossed out (abbrev.)
*Extreme Engineering Solutions (company)
opposite of no
a longing or yearning; monetary unit of Japan
*a type/school of Buddhism

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