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The mount of Megiddo, where a mythic battle was to take place
A rundown part of a city, named for a stretch of road in Seattle.
A type of lightweight cotton fabric derives its name from a coastal city in Southeastern India.
A mass suicide when conditions are hopeless,” derives from an important site in Israel.
Refers to incorrect or ungrammatical usage of language, derives from the ancient city of Soli (in Calicia).
A low building or house, from a Gujarati word meaning “Bengalese”.
Pandemonium, named after London’s first psychiatric hospital, St. Mary of Bethlehem.
A place of great beauty, luxury, and contentment, derived from the summer capital of Kublai Khan's empire.
A metaphor for an exotic and distant land, derived from a city on the Niger River in Mali, West Africa.
A short, humorous poem named after a city in Ireland.
A type of race deriving its name from a city in ancient Greece, where heavily outnumbered Athenians defeated the Persians in 490 BCE.
A popular design or pattern named after a city in the Lowlands of Scotland.

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